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Metal Inquisitor Interview

1.Can you give us an update on what has been going on with the band
since the recording and release of the new album?
The first thing we had to do was to introduce Cliff into the songs of Metal Inquisitor because our last bassplayer left the band. Then we played some shows in 2011 and began the songwriting for Ultima Ratio Regis. Additional we searched a new record-company. Time runs quickly...
Cliff: We tried to organize some Gigs and of course our release party which is pretty hard because of our jobs. Unfortunately we had to cancel a gig in Spain due to work strikes at the airport in Germany which made us very sad. But we hope to get another chance next year to make it up to our friends in Spain.

2.Recently you have put out a new album, can you tell us a little bit
more about the musical direction of the new recording and also how does
it differ from your past releases?
I think most of the songs are a little bit shorter and they come better to the point. Otherwise we allways try to write the best songs we can up to that moment. Blumi and I worked also with homerecording, to be able to show the other bandmembers how some single ideas can finally sound. So it`s easier to convince our colleagues...
Cliff: I think the direction of our music stays the same in general but I think it differs in terms of dedication. So far I can tell we have put much more work into this record than in the others. We all took part in the creative process and brought in our ideas.

3.The band was formed in 1999 when this musical genre was no longer
being done by the newer bands of that era, when you formed the band did
you see it lasting as long as it has so far?
When I got in the band, I, and all the guys of Metal Inquisitor to that time, played together in a cover-band. It was just for fun, and so it is still today. With Metal Inquisitor, we recorded an album, played some shows, and it went on and on up to now. To the time, we played all together in that cover-band, we noticed that there are still many Heavy-Metal-fans who still liked the old sound and the old songs allthough this kind of metal seemed to be dead. So Metal Inquisitor has been started, and noone could know how long it lasts. A band can break on two so quickly, because there are so many factors that can kill a band. So we are happy to be still alive.

4.Can you tell us a little bit more about the lyrical topics and
subjects the new release explores?

For example on "Death on Demand": The song is about "World War One" and of the hell of "trench warfare". It must have been unimaginable terrible to endure such things. Since start of the First World War 100 years ago, this theme has currently a highly topical again. On "Servant of State": This is about the youth of " Frederick the Great " , which is well known because he made Prussia a major power - while paying the price of a permanent warfare course. Less well known is that he was a rebel in his youth and wanted to escape from the "hard school" of the father. In his escape, he was caught and then he had to watch as his best friend was shot. As an "educational measure" of the Father! That something leaves a deep disturbance of the soul stands by itself, doesn´t it?

5.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Metal Inquisitor'?

Metal Inquisitor means not that we are the heroes of the scene or something. Just take a look to the meaning: “Inquirere=exame”. So it means that we exame all typical 80ies Metalstyles in their roots and try to make it like Classic Metal has to be. So that’s why you hear many different styles in our music even if it tends more to NWOBHM and Bay Area.

6.What are some of the best shows that the band has played over the
years and also how would you describe your stage performance?
I remember one show at the RockHard-Festival in 2011. It was about three or four o`clock. The amphitheatre was crowded and we played a show with less mistakes and we felt that positive energy from the audiece. This combination gives such a big kick- an experience that one cannot forget.Another great show was 2013 at the Heathen-Rock Festival which took place in a smaller location and we thought in considering of the billing, noone will know us. But when we started the show, the sound on stage was excellent and the audience was going mad. A lot of crowdsurfers and many people singing our songs. Great!
Cliff: In my Opinion the best shows were always those in small clubs or bars which were almost or completely sold out. There is much more energy in small gigs than in big ones. Not that I don´t like the big festivals like Bang Your Head for example but the feeling is different and tere is too much distance between the bands and the people there. Personally like the Gigs in our hometown bar in Koblenz, the Florinsmarkt best. It´s realy cool atmosphere there.

7.Do you have any touring or show plans for the new release?
The fact, that all bandmembers have their jobs and their families with children does not allow a coherent tour. So we play some shows at the weekends or at some festivals.
Cliff: We´re doing a release gig in March and some more throughout the year. If everything goes according to our plans we will go to Japan for a few shows in August. This will deffinetly be the highlight for us I think.

8.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans
of metal?
Blumi gets many reactions by the fans worldwide and he gives us updates from time to time. So it is possible to play shows in Japan or in the USA. I hope we can do that one day.
Cliff: I think we have quite the good resonance with fans of metal. Sure tastes differ but that’s not a bad thing isn´t it?

9.What is going on with the other musical projects these days that some
of the band members are involved with?

Cliff: There might be an opportunity for Blumi and me to hook up with Gezol of Sabbat again to do some shows in the US by the end of the year which would be awesome. For me there is also my other band Deathfist. Were trying to write some new stuff now for our second album and we want to play a few live shows.

10.Where do you see the band heading into musically during the future?
We don`t plan to change our style. Why should we do it? We play the music that we like best, and are happy that we have so many fans who support us.
For me personally, we can write more fast songs, but we must have good ideas for them. The songs we compose come out of us, and we can not plan: the next song must be a very fast song and then we create an epic one. The ideas we have must be edited and we can not influence them very much.
Cliff: For me personally i´d like to stick to where we are now. I like our musical style and our spirit as it is and don´t need any changes.

11.What are some bands or musical styles that have had an influence on
your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
It is not difficult to hear our influences. But according to that I like some Thrash-Metal like Kreator, Death-Angel but also Nevermore. Of course I like the new bands with that classic heavy-metal- or hardrockstyle like Enforcer, Vanderbuyst, Audrey Horne.

12.What are some of your interests outside of music?

I´m interested in watching football and testing beers. Me and some friends of mine tested about 3000 different kinds of beer. We collect new sorts during travelling and bring them back home for a testing event. We do so since 1996, I think, and we allways find some beers, that we haven`t had before. While we are testing, we write down our impression of the beer and give them a score.

13.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or

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