Friday, February 1, 2013

Darsombra Interview

1. Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days?
We just released a new album "Climax Community" on Exile on Mainstream. We're getting ready to do a short US tour. Other than that just research and development for new stuff to come.
2. How would you describe the musical sound of the new album?
The new album is an expansion on what has come before with some new twists and turns. I'm expanding themes in that some of the songs are longer than ever. I'm trying to work with very lengthy pieces of music that one can exist within over a period of time. Also, there's more vocal work than previous albums, however, no words. I'm working with the voice as instrument. There's also a short acoustic piece, no effect pedals, which is something I haven't done with Darsombra yet.
3. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the band explores with the music?
There are no lyrics on the album but some of the subjects we are exploring are environmental concerns, exploring inner and outer space.
4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the bands name?
It's just a made up word that sounds nice. In Spanish it means "to give shade" if you split it into two words.
5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
There's so many. I enjoy every performance on some level, whether there's hundreds of people there or only one person. We always have a fun time in Prague. The shows are bombastic and trippy! 
6. Do you have any touring plans for the future?
We have a US tour that blasts off on February 15. There's possible plans to tour Europe again in fall.
7. Currently you are signed to Exile On Mainstream, how did you get in contact with this label and how would you describe the support they have given you so far?
Both Wino and Stinking Lizaveta put in a good word for us with Exile on Mainstream and, luckily, they decided to work with us. The support has been awesome. I can't say enough about how great Andreas is. None of us are getting rich making or putting out this sub-mainstream music. He does this for the pure love of creativity. 
8. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your newer album by fans of underground music?
I really don't know. I never pay attention to album sales or that sort of stuff. I'm happy if I play a show in front of three appreciative people, so what do I know? Reviews have been mixed. Some love it, some hate it. I imagine the people that actually bought the album like it. Otherwise, people can just download it these days, or stream it and then decide to not buy it. 
9. Are there any other musical projects besides this band or is this a full time line up?
I do other things from time to time, like collaborate with Ala Muerte, and a project I've been working on for awhile called Ambuvega that will launch off when the time is right. But right now this is our main focus. 
10. What direction do you see your music heading into on future releases?
I really have no idea. When I sit down to work on new stuff I never try to do anything consciously. I never know what is going to come out. No rules!
11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your newer music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
The new album was inspired by so many things, krautrock, prog, stoner, avant, modern classical, my yoga practice, life. My European tour with Wino and Conny Ochs inspired the acoustic work on the new album. Currently I'm listening to Magma and 70s glam rock for inspiration. Perhaps these influences will find a way into the new material.
12. Outside of music what are some of your interests?
Hippie shit like yoga, camping, orgies! 
13. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
Don't stop rocking! Thank you!

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