Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bridges To Dreams Interview

1.Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you
Its very difficult for us to describe ourselves to other people, our roots will always lead
us back to our punk/hardcore/metal backgrounds... We do not like to really categroize
our sound but in essence, presently we are a four piece instrumental band pretending
to be 60's free jazz players with a punk rock attitude and loud amplifiers...

2. How would you describe your musical sound?
Aggressive, Loud, Dissonant, then at times cerebral, beautiful, but always intense...

3. What are some of the themes the band brings out with the music?
With our latest record Victims... we played around with themes of hopelessness,
denial, fear, brought about by the authoritarian forces that infuse us with false

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the bands name?
A connection to our innermost thoughts... or something :-)... but we like to leave that to

5.Where is the band located at?
All hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

6. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would
you describe your stage performance?
Alot of our shows have been local, and we have done some touring on the east coast
in the US and a little in Canada but probably our best experience has been in a city
called Malartic... (8 hours north of Montreal) to do a festival that we got booked on last
minute... Thinking that maybe our sound would be not something people would be
interested in... It turned out that the little remote city in the deep north knew about us
and we ended up playing our whole album (The Fall) and our then EP (The Lake) in its
entirity to a crowd that after 1hr and a half was still asking for more... We had to stop
because there were other bands playing after us...

7.Do you have any touring plans for the future?
We would obviously love to hit the road once again and spend some time playing
shows... We had to scrap our van that we used from the last two tours... We would not
say no if the oppurtunity came up...

8. Currently you are unsigned, are you looking for a label and if so what kind of label
do you feel that would be a perfect fit for the band?
We have been DIYing our releases since we started playing, which has been fine for
us... Although if a label would follow through with releasing our material I guess
something of the like of Denovali Records, Crucial Blast, Temporary Residence,
Constellation would probably work fine for us... but regardless of the name of the label,
it has to be someone who would believe in our project as we do. The perfect fit is
when everybody has the same goal. Its all about the music for us...

9. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your album by musical fans?
So far the feedback has been very good, we have never released a album that sounds
like the last... This is a constently evolving project and everybody has different
tastes... We are not catering to any specific genre or style, we do what feels right at
that moment...

10.Are there any other musical projects besides this band or is this a full time line up?
We do consider this a full time project, but we have all dabbled in different projects in
the past and the present, some never saw the light of day, but there are plans to
release them in the near future... some of us were members of Dead Fawn... Johnny
Vain and the Mirrors... Les Hommes Chiens... mostly local bands... We dont tie
ourselves down to just one thing... Our influences and tastes are widespread

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also
what are you listening to nowadays?
There are too many bands to name that have influenced us. Presently we really
enjoyed the latest Swans release that came out last year, phenomenal record... Young
Widows also gets alot of plays recently. Bohren und der club of Gore are a amazing
band... The Chromatics... I personaly loved the last Chariot release....

12. Outside of music what are some of your interests?
We are all artists in one way or another. We are sound engineers, painters,
silkscreeners, photographers.

13.Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
Nah, I think I said too much... Thanks for the in

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