Saturday, September 30, 2017

Endless Void Interview

.Can you give us an update on what is going on with the musical project these days?
#1. Presently, my musical efforts are filled with self-promotional efforts.  For example I have been submitting the Endless Void/  "Apparitions" album to webzines and FM radio stations throughout the world.  I am attempting to gain recognition for my musical endeavors and achievements as well as subject a new generation of listeners to a more traditional genre of Heavy metal. The new music these days sounds allot alike to me and lacks originality and style. For the people that indulge in that sort of thing please do not be offended as this is just an opinionated statement. I will admit that I am influenced by the N.W.O.B.H.M and has become a guiding direction in my life.  However I do not mimic it but rather show my respect to the forerunners of the movement by letting my influences shine through in my music.  Allot of dead stringing and arrangement can in fact sound similar but as the songs progress personal style and technique begins to shine through.  All artists should strive for an individual and unique sound of their own when it all comes down to it.  This has always been my practice since I was young until the present day.  I am searching for a new and unique sound as well as attempting to combine everything from the classical masters to the present day Heavy metal. Quite simply with all respect I consider myself some sort of modern classical & Heavy metal Leopold of the 21st century searching for a new sound and attempting to influence all others interested. At the moment I am running an add on a website called Speed and Power as well as attempting to put out the word to radio stations, on radio interviews, and written interviews informing interested people & parties about reforming the Endless Void project. I recently contacted a former band mate Mark Alley of the local Erie, Pa band Doc Holiday who may be interested in resuming his place as the 6 string font man. I am also in the process of locating drummers for hire and researching large festivals as well as attempting to land a spot on a large bill as an opening act.  If all goes as anticipated I will attempt to tour the "Apparitions" full-length record album anywhere credible and possible.

2.2.How would you describe the musical sound on the recordings you have released so far?
#2.  Pretty much everything before Pro-Star studio is sub par with an exception of songs recorded here and their over the years.  For example the Cycling Troll Studio experience was average but the only thing I really achieved with any degree of anticipated success was the song titled "New York Girl" which I released with Antithesis Records in 1994 on a compilation disc titled "Airtrax".  Another song I had some success with was titled "Living to Die" also known as "Join The Grave." Both songs were later released with A.I.F Records on the "Final Doom" Demo. but desperately needed editing and remixing. Eventually I realized the importance of attempting to go independent and was actually encouraged to get away from A.I.F. Records but they were just to good to me at a time when I desperately needed affiliation in the music world. Most importantly when an artist becomes an independent he or she becomes their own boss. In other words no one can tell me what to do or how to do it.  This freedom is valued dearly. All in all I do not point the finger at others for my downfalls and misfortunes regarding sound quality.  Rather, I suggest to all interested people to never accept what you do not enjoy listening to unless the theory and sounds are undeniable. Even if a recording is sounding sub-par it still can serve as "evidence of progress."  Another factor one must consider is finances.  It takes allot of money to record music in the studio so make it count when you have the chance to do something that is important to you. You will only get what you pay for so if something sounds to good to be true than don't believe it

3.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects you explore with your music?
#3.  My song topics include the themes of death and dying, supernatural activity, the occult, and spectral manifestation as well as the zodiac, nuclear destruction, and psychology/self-worth. These topics are all mixed together with both fact and fiction in order to enlighten listeners and make them think about it. Thus resulting in them coming to their own conclusion regarding such delicate and controversial maters. I am attempting to subject people to a new and radical style of music and song writing and at the same time inform them of something that is new and becoming part of the Proto-Doom metal realm of the 21st century.

4.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Endless Void'?
# 4  Endless means without end and Void means empty. Combined the two words simply convey thoughts of the following: (1)infinity, (2) the gate to the cosmos, (3) eternity, (4) infinite regress (5) no beginning and no end, (6) always was and always will be without boundaries yet a place that exists in time and space.

5.For the most part this project is solo, how would you compare that to working with a full band?
#5  Working as a solo artist compared to a group/ band effort is always an interesting topic. Despite the fact the two are viewed as different in many ways they are in fact also very much alike.  As I have previously mentioned in other interviews I was the bass man for the popular Erie Pa band titled After Forever in the early 1980's.  This effort was one of my first attempts to become a functional group member (parts of the whole). It taught me to respect other peoples opinions and beliefs as well as assist in carrying them out.  We ran the project like a democratic society when it all boiled down to it. Yes the band was the idea of another guitarists who acted as a band director but he eventually quit for personal reasons.  The others left as well.  Therefore the other guitar player and myself (dyadic) considered forming a new band and agreed to call it the Endless Void. At this point we went from 2 musicians to 3 becoming a power trio (group).  Due to the fact we had more say in the project we accomplished goals and objectives faster by practicing and experimenting more often. This included recruiting a younger musician with a double bass drum kit. Eventually we  began to realize that we were better than anticipated and performed the songs we liked: (1) Love On Smack, (2) Friends of Hell, and (3) That's What Dream are Made Of combined with some barely par originals. After much experimentation the other founding guitarist eventually left the trio to pursue personal musical preference and I became a soloist as a result. Similarly I became like a dictator but yet an individual in charge of everything for the first time. Again I recruited local musicians as minions but it became a group thing repeatedly.

However my personal ideals still flourished just as they did when I was younger and would take off with my cousin to temporarily join and assist another band because we grew tired of waiting for ours to pull it together and perform.  The true meaning of becoming a soloist actually dawned on me during this period when I performed my first electric and classical bass solo at the Star Light Club on Parade street in Erie, Pa in 1984.  My cousin (vocals) and I (Bass) opened for the ever respected and well known local act Damien Steele with a band called Aragon.  We played two shows.  I was only 19 at the time and had a pop stamp because I was under age for alcoholic consumption.  Thus being fresh out of the music school with a limited but more than adequate direction, I applied some basic music theory to the modern metal sound and began my classical like music style.   Ideas of solo activity flourished in the Limelight.

6.Can you tell us a little bit more about your interest in Occultism?
6.  My interest in Occultism is a personal thing and began with my great grandmother becoming manipulated by gypsy fortune tellers with Tarot cards. Later it became the basis of my first full- length record album.  Due to the fact Occultism is such a controversial  and popular topic within the USA these days it eventually became a small part of my life. I guess I just could not let it go at that for all of the rite reasons. Therefore, in order to understand my great grandmother better I studied about it to a very slight degree to see how they had captured her attention and manipulated her out of all her money.  All in all I have to say I learned four very important things about life in general: (1) I reject demonology, (2) learn to explore the unknown (3) learn to accept science and evolution as  the guiding and controlling factors of the human race and its destiny, and (4) respect other peoples' personal religious beliefs & practices throughout the world and in the free country. This has become my personal philosophy to live by but most of all I suggest to anyone interested please do not dabble in occultism as it were a science fiction novel you can pick up and put down at will.  A dark side of life does in fact exists and is very much a reality for some people. 

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