Saturday, November 29, 2014

Craang Interview

1.For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band?

Craang is a three member band from Thessaloniki Greece, Nick on the Drums, Manos guitar and vocals and Theano on the bass. We play a mixture of "heavy" "psychedelic" "stoner" "rock" or whatever, we just enjoy what we play.

2.Recently you had put out an album, how would you describe the musical sound that is presented on the recording?

We tried to record the album in several ways, starting with the drums, then adding the bass and a bunch of other silly techniques and finally we decided to record it live, which apparently worked just fine for the style we play. We just added vocals and keys afterwards.
The album was recorded at Red House Studios in Thessaloniki and it was mixed and mastered by our guitarist Manos, who happens to be the resident engineer at that studio. The sound we guess is the fingertip of our performance. The reviews so far put us side by side with bands like Elder, Monkey 3, Color Haze, which is a great honor four because these bands are our top noch for us.

3.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the band explores with the music?

In this album we used the vocal "thing" more like a solo instrument and it appears rarely in the songs with just a few lines, but this dosen't mean that we didn't take care of our lyrics. Manos wrote most of the lines and they all refer to Asimov's novels but not in a straight way so you won't hear a title or a phrase taken by a book, but they 're all inspired by Isaak's  stories.

4.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Craang'?

It just popped up. It is an onomatopoeic word and is the sound of our instruments, specially the guitar which goes CRAAAAAAANG. I guess it suit nice :D

5.What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and also how would you describe your stage performance?

We took part at the fuzztastic festival in Drama this summer for a second time and it was awesome, we totally rocked the stage and then we also kicked the jams at the international Tattoo convention in Thessaloniki last september. Our stage performance is an one shot show, we start and play the whole set with no pause. If the stage permits it we add a projector which .....projects :P psychedelic images on us, which is nice and creates atmosphere.

6.Do you have any touring or show plans for the future?

At this moment we already have a couple of shows booked, supporting some local bands but we plan on going abroad march 2015 to promote our album which will be released on vinyl by Pink tank and Hevisike records.

7.The new album was released on Pink Tank Records, can you tell us a little bit more about this record label?

The album will be released on late february 2015 by Pink Tank and Hevisike records. Hevisike is a UK based record company with a marvelous catalog and bands we listen to, and pink tank records is an upcoming German based label with very interesting and known bands in her catalog, consisted by people with passion for music who work really hard.

8.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of stoner rock?

From our point of view, huge. We were n't expecting such a great "accoglienza" (ITA) the reviews were way above our prospectives and people write to us day by day asking us about tours and CDs and other info about the band, how we recorded the album what instruments we use or just to say hi and give us hope to go on.

9.Where do you see the band heading into musically during the future?

Craang had long way until this form, musically and in terms of people in the band. The only original member is the Nick on the drums and recently our former bassist Mike left the band to explore other ways in life. But Theano filled rapidly the bassist empty spot and now we are heading towards new musical paths. We are three totally different people in musical taste and when we jam you hear the genres popping up like tin cans and spray their freshness, :D .

10.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

As we said to question above we listen to different kinds of music, with some kind of common "rock" line which we all like but i thing this question cannot be answered, but we like bands like Elder, Kyuss, Led Zeppelin, The Machine, Queens of the stone age when we are all together of course 'cause everyone listens to whatever he wants at home :P

11.What are some of your non musical interests?

Nick is a graphic designer, he put up the whole artwork of the album, Theano is a very artistic person, and multitalented in things like paint and sculpture and she is the one who draw the cover image of the album. Manos is married and has a son so he has no time for non musical interests :D

12.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?

We hope to keep it always fresh and maintain our music important in our lives and in the lives of others. Music keeps us humans, makes us interact and be creative. Expression frees us from chains of repression making us just better people.

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