Friday, January 11, 2013

Eyehategod Interview

1. Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days? 

EHG - Touring, writing, and recording, just like any other group of musicians. Oh yeah almost forgot;  eating, drinking and sleeping as well. Jimmy paints with rotten fish blood, and Brian teaches poodles to jump though hoops. No joke. We are just like Linkin Park  - normal as fuck.

2. Are you currently working on new material and if so when can we expect a new album and what direction would it be in?

EHG - 15 new songs written - Basic tracks laid; the rest we're finishing up this year. No label set to release it as of yet. We are independent as of now.
What direction? Ummmm, forwards and backwards at the same time.... Besides that, EHG style forever bitch.

3. The band was on a long hiatus for years, what made you decide to reform the band after all these years?

EHG - NO NO NO NO,...Nope. Wrong. We never were on hiatus..  So why would we reform the band?? Check your sources please next time, the internet is full of shit mostly. We were NEVER on 'hiatus', NEVER broke up. Where are you from? If you were in another city or country besides the great majestic ghetto of New Orleans, Louisiana - USA,.. then yeah, it could seem like that in the early 2000's, as we didnt do any touring outside of America then, but we were very much a band always, on stage & off. We had some personal/label/drug troubles in like 1999 where we were thinking things out to get off our shit label, but that lasted about two and a half to three months. Contrary to popular belief and we couldnt stop our sick disturbing relationship & then we did a fake reunion gig for publicity... It worked out well.

4. The band is considered one of the pioneers of sludge metal, what are your opinions on the newer bands that have taken influences from your older material?

EHG - Yecchhh...! We say" Thank You" for your interest then tell them to keep on keeping on.. The title of 'sludge' or whatever its called sucks. We dont like that term and found out its an easy way to describe a type of sound that's not easily describable. Labels in music are nonsense! All we are is Hardcore Blues and some semblance of Southern Punk and Metal... Fuck labels!

5. What is going on with the singer's writing career these days?

 EHG - Amazing! That guy is more successful every single day with his writing... His book 'Cancer as a Social Activity' is still available at his website and his new stuff is even more insane. He does tours doing his spoken word so call him up and book a gig... He's available for booking.. Go see him. We are so proud of the bastard. He's doing a band called Corrections House now with some other luminaries

6. Out off the shows and tours the band has done over the years which one did you enjoy the most?

EHG - All of it... Never gets boring... Finland, Australia, Germany, Estonia, Japan, Cleveland, Belgium, Metairie...

7. Do you have any touring plans for the future?

EHG - New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Canada, Metairie etc...

8. How has the feedback been to the band my music fans over the reunion?

EHG - Well Once a-FUCKING-gain there was NEVER a reunion, we NEVER broke up..!! Dont believe the lies, PLEASE!! Or Wikipedia or better yet,.. and mostly your lying sister... Where are you from..???

9. What is going on with the other musical projects these days?
EHG - You'd have to ask all the members separately honestly... There are a lot of musical things that can and will happen....

10. Has the band added any new musical influences over the years?

 EHG - NO. Theres maybe some newer bands that we like, but we are definitely not influenced by... I listen to School Jerks, Normals, Sodom, Portal, Battalion of Saints, The Spits, Laughing Hyenas, Sneaky Pinks, DOA, H-100's, electric eels... etc... The entire band hads their own different tastes....

11. Outside of music what are some of your interests?

EHG- Taking in rescue animals, robbing drugstores, listening to records and all the above...
 12. Any final words or thoughts

EHG - Go To: EYEHATEGOD.EE and MIKEIX.COM et al..!! See ya'll on tour...!


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